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LEAF Benefits

HOV Stickers are here and available now. Drive off in a New LEAF and use the HOV lane today.

Get Complimentary Charging with a new Nissan LEAF

Not only can you access multiple charging networks with the EZ- Charge card, you can do it at no cost for 2 full years through the exclusive Nissan No Charger To Charge program. Purchase or lease a new Nissan LEAF and there's no charge for an unlimited number of 30 minute DC Fast charges and 60 minute Level 2 chargers at participating Public No Charge To Charge locations for 2 years. Charging sessions beyond these lengths are subject to additional fees, depending on the network.

Michael Strong , The Detroit Bureau

Top 10 fuel-efficient cars for 2013

Scott Olson / Getty Images

The Nissan Leaf, on display in Niles, Ill. in December, is the most popular fuel-efficient, or "green" car.

With gas prices in a constant state of flux, and the federal government offering as much as $7,500 in incentives to buy "green" cars, it would seem the only question for someone buying a new vehicle should be, "Which one do I pick?"
Kelly Blue Book attempts to answer that question with its list of Top 10 Green Cars for 2013. The car in the top spot shouldn't be a big surprise: the 2013 Nissan Leaf.
"You won't find an all-electric car that offers a better balance of range, practicality, refinement and value than the Leaf," according to the story on the company's website. "Nissan reduced the Leaf's starting price by $6,000 for 2013, so after the $7,500 federal tax savings, you can go all-electric for about $22,000."

Kelly Blue Book's top 10 "green" cars:

Nissan Leaf
Tesla Model S
Ford Focus Electric
Chevrolet Volt
Prius Plug-in
Ford C-Max Energi
Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid
Honda Fit EV
Toyota Avalon Hybrid
Lincoln MKZ Hybrid
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